Candy Crush Saga – Get Extra Lives for Free!

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most fun and addictive games that you can play on your smartphone or Iphone.   It has been installed on over half a billion devices world-wide and is one of the highest grossing games in the world with daily revenues approaching $900,000!

Candy Crush Saga makes money by charging you extra lives when you run out.  If you’re totally addicted like me, then the options were, ask friends on Facebook, which is a real pain in the butt, or purchase more.  I certainly wasn’t happy when my credit card statement came through.

Then I stumbled on this one brilliantly simple, money saving tip that means that you never have to pay for extra lives or bother your buddies ever again.  And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

bingo-2Screenshot 1.  Out of lives

We’re all familiar with this screen, sometimes it comes all too quickly and is very annoying.  Especially at those times when you could swear that you had one life left.  Before it was a matter of waiting, buying or bugging your friends on Facebook for those extra lives to get you going again.



Here’s what we do: -

Step one. Close Candy Crush, don’t worry, we’ll be back playing in less than a minute!

Step two. Go into your phone’s settings.

Screenshot 2.  Settings.

Step three. Scroll down to Date and Time.

Screenshot 3.  Change time.

Step four.  Change time two hours into the future.  If the phone is set to take the time from your network, uncheck the box so that you are able to change the time manually.  If, like me, you’re playing late in the day, you will have to change the date too.  Just scroll it to the next day.

Screenshot 4.  Change date.

Then start up Candy Crush saga, et voila, have four new lives and the fifth usually appears by the time you’ve used them up.  Unless you’re on level 97 and your lives are gone in a New York minute!!

Screenshot 5.  More lives.



How to get your phone back on normal time.

When the time comes to put Candy Crush on hold and get back to reality, all you need to do is go into settings, change the time (and date) back to the present and you can go about your business until you get your next bout of Candy Crush fever.

At this point you will notice an inordinate amount of minutes until your next life.  This is the point when you might want to purchase one sweet set of lives to get you back on track, ask your friends or just work out the number of hours (or days, if you’re like me) to add so you can get your fix.

Although I’ve included screenshots from my Android Device, it’s exactly the same method on your fancy iPhone or Ipad.

Enjoy your fix of Candy Crush and remember to like this article on Facebook so we can save your mates some money too.